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Pattaya Panties

The Pattaya Panties are the women’s touch branch of the Pattaya Panthers Rugby Club. We are a vibrant sports community, committed to promoting women’s touch rugby in Thailand. We focus on fostering teamwork, fitness and skill development, but most importantly enjoying being active with other like minded women. We have a diverse group of members, who create an inclusive and supportive environment for women to enjoy sport and build lasting connections. Pattaya Panties welcome all to join us, we have players of all ages, abilities and varying levels of experience playing rugby. Our team actively participates in the tournaments across Asia, contributing to the growth of women’s touch rugby in the area. Pattaya Panties also extend beyond the field, blending the thrill of the sport with a variety of women’s and mixed socials. Our Panties enjoy a diverse array of socials catering to everyone, from intense match enthusiasts to those seeking a laid-back social scene, creating a welcoming community bound by the love of the game.

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