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All Home matches are played at Horseshoe Point, also the home of the Chris Kays Memorial 10s Tournament. Click here for map.
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As a team we have always been proud of our 'off the field' activities and we have always ensured that this is a very important factor for playing Rugby. One of our traditions is the Quaich. Well the fame, or infamy, of the Panthers Quaich Competition has now gone Global.

Some time ago the Panthers Foreign Correspondent was attending the Middlesex Cup semi final, and whilst at the Bar overheard a group of supporters reminiscing about past tours and surprisingly the name Pattaya Panthers came up and the story went something like this - "A mate of mine knows a guy who went to the Pattaya 10's last year. He said it was the best tour he'd had in 20 years of playing. They have this competition on the Saturday and it was the one of the best pub crawls ever. Teams are given score cards in about 4-5 bars and given prizes for eating, drinking dancing and singing. He said he'd seen photo's of 40-50 rugby players stripped down to just their underwear drinking B-52's in a Mexican wave, urban surfing on Taxi's and crawling through the legs of Bar Girls in just their underwear. Mind you he'd had a few drinks at the time so probably it's a lot of wishful thinking"

IT'S TRUE. Yes this story is true and, if anything, it's a little understated, look out for next years 10's, and make sure your Team is in Pattaya joining us in the fun!!




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